writing exercise. derived from ‘mayan bowl breaks – instrumental’.
best read with it underneath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX8sknOj1J8


ext. woods – day

from the shoulders up, we watch a little girl, perhaps nine, wandering deep in the forest.

the trees spiral into the sky, their black trunks walling her in. the world is bathed in moody, deep blue by their shade.

the little girl stumbles on the path and dips out of frame at intervals.

we tilt to see, that ten metres above her, interwoven against the sky, are curving branches speckled with red, bulbous fruit. one falls as we watch, and we follow it as it drips from the tree to the ground, landing with a muted thud. the girl ducks her head to pick it up. she wipes a wet leaf from its skin and places it into the basket she is carrying.

we realise she is collecting apples.

we zoom out, still watching her tiny figure bend down periodically. she becomes smaller and smaller until she is only a dot against the long, winding path she has taken and the expanse of wild apple trees.

there is a horizontal gash in one of the trunks. the girl places the basket on the ground, and doubles over to tuck her dress into her britches. then retrieving the basket, she swiftly turns and steps into the copse of trees. we follow her as she hurries over long grasses and broken branches, the slippery sludge of mud and rotting leaves.

warm, red light falls suddenly across her face as the trees melt away and she lurches into a clearing. she walks towards a small brick cottage, now clutching her basket to her chest.

inside, the light moves through the windows onto … pie upon pie. pies on the rickety wooden table, still steaming. pies lined along the windowsill, along the stove. big, round ones. small, square ones. pies beside the vase of flowers, on the ledges, inside open cupboards, on the seats. pies in ceramic dishes, in tin dishes, in the shape of hearts and diamonds. pies open on top with short crust, and others wrapped in puffed, fluffy pastry.

a young woman, around twenty, wearing oven mitts, pulls another from the oven. she straightens, smiling.

the little girl places her basket of apples in the corner.

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