circus: in desperate need of new tricks

i personally believe “entertainment” is instantly invalid as soon as animals are suffering.

here is a question: how is an elephant taught to stand on one leg on a stool?

here is another: what methods would have to be used to make an animal weighing around six thousand kilograms … stand on that one leg on that stool?
‘trainers’ have been known to use bull hooks, electric prods, and even blowtorches on their elephants.

circuses play no meaningful role in conservation nor education.
the lifelong suffering of animals exist only for the sake of a few minutes of entertainment.

some circuses are better than others with standard animal treatment. hence most circuses defend their use of exotic animals by claiming the animals are well cared for and loved.
what do scientists at the university of bristol conclude?

“it is impossible to satisfy the behavioural and welfare needs of wild animals in travelling circuses …”

the point is that no circus—no matter how well it may be managed—can ever provide an appropriate environment for wild animals. for a ferocious, magnificent wild lion, how does life on the road, transported, chained, in cramped and unsuitable accommodation, ever compare to the open plains of freedom?

these animals’ instincts are brutally repressed to force them to perform unnatural acts purely for our entertainment.

a circus animal is routinely exposed to months on the road, travelling. confined in small, empty cages, they are denied opportunity to express their natural behaviour. their living conditions cause severe stress, boredom and frustration.
the time spent in insufficient enclosures often results in abnormal behaviours, such as mouthing of the cage’s iron bars; swaying from side to side; repetitive pacing by big cats; and head bobbing by elephants. these behaviours strongly indicate that the poor animal is unable to cope with the unsuitable living conditions it has been forced to endure.


around the world, we are beginning to rebel.
we are beginning to empathise with the cruel plight of animals in circuses.
exotic circus animals are beginning to be heard.
in at least thirty countries, national, regional and local governments have already banned the use of exotic animals in circuses.
australia. australia, is failing these animals. our federal and state government policies continue to let wild creatures be put through the tormenting, lonely life of a circus animal.
the requirement guidelines for the keeping of animals in circuses here is insanely inadequate to protect the animals’ welfare.
is there hope? always.
around thirty-five, small, individual councils in australia are increasingly taking a stand by banning circuses who use exotic animals in their performances on council land; refusing to let them make money out of wild animal’s suffering.

it is not as if the success and economic stability of a circus relies on the use of exotic animals. if we stop utterly exploiting these animals, it would simply mean an increase in human performers; not an end to the tradition of circuses!
enjoying the humiliating spectacle of a proud, ferocious, regal tiger forced to leap through hoops set on fire, made to perform circus tricks, shows the disrespect and cruelty the human nature can possess.

talk. spread the word about the horrible unfairness and cruelty to these naturally wild animals. we need to raise a generation more understanding and empathetic and open-minded and compassionate, then our parents, and grandparents, and political leaders. as kids, as the next generation, it is crucial we understand that animals do not exist for our amusement.

the rspca and animal australia provides a list of addresses and phone numbers for us—people not willing to sit back and let this kind of thing go on, not willing to let the brutality continue—to write to our local council, or even the state and federal government, to demand a ban on exotic animals in circuses.

circuses can not recreate a natural environment for their animals. the keeping of exotic creatures and forcing them to perform unnatural acts for human enjoyment must be banned. the animals currently being kept by circuses need to be re-homed and returned to a quality way of life in a sanctuary or zoo.

these animals can’t speak! they can’t give voice to their pain, to their loneliness, or their distress. we have a voice. let it be heard for the animals.

`pity the children taken to the circus. the look of humiliation and sadness on the face of the dancing hippo will haunt them forever.’

the only real show-stopper in a circus, is animal cruelty.

animals australia

rspca victoria

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